Forgiveness is only possible through the power of God. This 6-week study helps people to understand what forgiveness is and is not as they seek to find freedom from past hurts.

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The Forgiveness Journey leads people on a journey towards realizing the vision statement: Is it possible that we could come to be released from bitterness like Jesus was when he said, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing”? They don’t know what they are doing helps people understand that ultimately, God wants us to see people in the way that He sees them. Participants should say the full statement, including “Is it possible…?” Saying “Is it possible…” makes the statement emotionally safer and helps people ‘try on’ the idea without committing if they are not yet fully ready to accept it. 

Often people hope that their situation will change, and that the change will facilitate them being released from the bitterness and pain that binds them. However, forgiveness is about a heart and attitude change that releases us from bitterness even if the situation does not change. Forgiveness may take time, and it may be difficult and incremental. The New Hope Forgiveness Journey helps participants move to the next stage in their forgiveness journey by giving them the truths and tools they need to experience the heart transformation of release from bitterness. 

This story set is meant to seamlessly follow the initial New Hope story set. The Forgiveness sessions follow the same 3/3rds format of looking back, looking up, and looking forward. In the looking back section of Session 1, it is assumed that the participant has shared the last story from the previous New Hope story set in the intervening week(s). For more information on the background of New Hope and the session structure, please refer to the New Hope page of the website.