“She has only daughters – seven daughters. Because of this,
her husband’s family ridicules her and treats her badly. In their culture,
a woman who gives birth to a son is respected as if she created him by
herself, but a woman who gives birth to a daughter is not respected
because only a male can receive an inheritance. Even in a Christian family,
a husband is pressured by his family to divorce his wife and then
marry again so he can have a son.
This woman is a Christian. But, as if she had nothing, she asked everyone for
prayers to have a baby boy. She had been desperately praying this prayer for
years when she joined the New Hope group. But as she began to study the Bible
stories with them, she realized that she does have hope. And now she has
stopped asking for this prayer, because God has already given her children!
She has become strong and happy.”

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