North Africa…

From North Africa:

“Just these past two weeks we gained 8 new members to the family through sharing these stories! Today one of the ladies in the group shared that for 20 years she had held a hurt in her heart, and that through this training, the Father has healed that hurt, and today she can walk in His grace and joy!”

Keep in mind that the 8 new family members are people that New Hope participants have shared with outside of their groups! Healing is truly multiplying, and as people find deep healing, they become conduits through which others can be healed!

From East Africa:

“New Hope is both effective for trauma healing and for discipleship. The most significant impact has been seeing our participants growing in personal evangelism and confidence in the Word of God. They are able to take their eyes off of their personal issues and see how God can use them. As a direct result we are seeing churches strengthened.”

This group has seen three people choose to follow Jesus, and they have plans for 6-7 more groups soon in two refugee camps in East Africa.

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