Upcoming Training in England

Join Multiplying Hope for a one-day training to learn how to initiate “healing conversations” and lovingly receive the refugees coming into your area. Although we will be discussing Afghan refugees, the information and skills can easily be transferred to any group of people with heart wounds.

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Multiplying Hope's Afghan Response
Afghanistan is hurting...

Refugees are streaming into a city nearby. You probably haven’t heard about it. Maybe you saw a few headlines and felt like there was something you could do, but after a while… there were no more headlines. The refugees remain. The body of Christ is God's instrument to receive refugees in the midst of tragedy and pain. As the Body, we must respond quickly, comprehensively, responsibly, and compassionately. We respond in a way that gives an appropriate trauma response from day one, followed by on-going healing conversations, and eventually leading to multiplying, on-going healing groups that meet together around God’s Word. Join MultiplyingHope as it seeks to address the emotional needs of new refugees.

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Multiplying Hope

We are happy to share with you the expanded ministry of New Hope. To visit the new website, chick here

New Hope

New Hope is a 7-week study designed to help people find healing from God's word. As they find healing themselves, they are equipped and empowered to go and bring that same healing to those around them.

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Forgiveness is only possible through the power of God. This 6-week study helps people to understand what forgiveness is and is not as they seek to find freedom from past hurts.

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God With Us

This story set was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many healing groups have to meet online during these times, and many groups need stories and activities that help them specifically during these times. This story set is meant to give immediate help to those struggling with this crisis.

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Testimonies During the Pandemic

Testimonies During the Pandemic

We are in unprecedented days, and many people need someone to walk alongside them. But how can we do that without being able to meet up with people? Stay tuned for virtual     training opportunities and ideas for meeting online! As you see God working, please contact us so we can share your stories of encouragement!


One quick story of encouragement: After attending New Hope sessions, Mary has found that being able to listen well has open more doors for her to share with others, even though she’s currently sheltering in place in her European city. Mary asked her neighbor the New Hope listening questions as they chatted from their separate balconies. Despite a previous unwillingness to open up, the neighbor finally shared her story and allowed Mary to pray for her by the end of the conversation.