Helen Finds Her Purpose

“Sandra” and her husband continue to work with refugees in refugee camps in her country. Thank you for praying for her and her husband! To date, she, her husband, and those they have trained have done New Hope groups with 1,244 people, starting 207 New Hope groups, and have seen 221 people accept Jesus as Savior! Believers are also learning how to listen to each other and how to take their pain to Jesus. Here’s a story from a camp…

“Helen” was thrown in prison for her faith in her home country. She watched as her husband was shot. In the prison, she was tortured and witnessed many horrible things.

When she was released, she married another man out of desperation; he struggled with anger and treated her badly.

Helen and her new husband made their way to the refugee camp. She lived an empty existence in the camp, caring for her two children and staying on the fringes of other believers in her church. After a while, her new husband became a believer and began to grow. Still, Helen was hurting and struggling with her pain.

When some of the members of a church in the camp started a New Hope group, the leaders knew she needed help. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to participate, so one of the group leaders came to the Helen and spent the day with her…just listening as she told her story. Throughout the day, as Helen told her story, her eyes became brighter and she began to smile a little.

Over the course of the next week, the group leader took her along as she visited the members of her New Hope group. She listened intently as the leader reminded the members of the Bible stories they had been learning and after a few days, Helen could repeat the stories.

After a month, Helen began living with purpose. She started her own New Hope group and she tells the Bible stories she has learned to anyone who will listen.

  • Please pray for Helen and the others like her in the camps who are moving forward in their journey of healing.
  • Pray for resilience in their walks with Jesus, as well as courage to continue starting groups and sharing Jesus’ love.

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